"Edith Punchbowl" -by Jeremy Crowther, 2006
listen to "GLADYS PUNCHBOWL" (Track 11, Disc One from Golden West Service)
I settled in this box car
on this track in this
little town

then the box car started moving to
another town
I got out of that box car and into
this one

(I tried to) settle, but...
Gladys Punchbowl was in flames!

I couldn't sleep with the crackle of
Gladys Punchbowls' bones
Gladys changed into a marble
and rolled away

the door swung open
I got up
was almost
blown back down
by the stiff wind

she kept rolling
down the hill
she was a
cats eye

the next stop I got out
and slept in the grass
I had a threeway conversation
with two different sun gods
one true
one false
I was told to consume everything
eat lots of dirt
chew grass
to keep my teeth strong

a little girl walked by
she was
because she dropped
cotton candy

I walked to the fairground
and looked for more train tracks
a cats eye rover
whirls through the crowd