UV - 373 File To Motion Remixes '99
UV - 373
UV - 373 File To Motion Remixes 1999"
original release date:
June 2, 1999
track listing: RealAudio ***
01. Culvert Gardenia***
02. Warminster
03. Ghost Girl In The Desert***
04. Burning Charisma
05. Warminster (live)
06. Starry, Starry Night
07. Strata-Zim Josephine***
08. UV - 373 Dub Mix File .0001
09. SuperClean
10. UV - 373 Dub Mix File .0002
PRESS  RELEASE by Kevin Lundahl 080201

The UV-373 File To Motion Remixes 1999 CD came to light after an all night drive from Savannah, GA to Baltimore in November 1998.

The guitar player for the band, Doug Shanahan, was returning from a spanish moss collecting trip in Georgia, when the idea hit him. All the untitled, underdeveloped pieces of music the band had been working on since 1996 would be hand picked, strung together, re-edited, and enveloped in a radio hiss, urban outdoors, oscillating feedback environment.

This original “dub” file was over 20 minutes long, but it got sliced into two 12 minute pieces for this CD collection.

In addition, other songs that were written, but had not undergone the studio treatment, would be enhanced. Lastly, a few studio numbers were remixed to complete the collection.

The first two songs, “Culvert Gardenia” and “Warminster” were recorded at Social Services Studio in the spring of 1996 by Tony French, and then remixed at Peabody Sound in the spring of 1999.

“Ghost Girl In The Desert” and “Strata-Zim Josephine” were “one-take” wonders that the band recorded to four-track in the UV-373 drum salon in the spring of 1996. These songs sat around collecting dust for over a year. In 1997, Colin Seven (vocals,drums) and Doug Shanahan regrouped, and headed to Missoula, Montana to play a show.

“Strata-Zim…” dusted off rather nicely, as did “Warminster”, “Culvert…”,  “Superclean” and a few others. They played another show in Baltimore, then took another year off.

“Ghost Girl” and “Strata-Zim” were remixed at Peabody Sound in the spring of 1999, using the Tascam 564 Copy/Paste editor to create better verse/course scenarios, and a better blend of vocals were added.

“Burning Charisma” was a drum and acoustic guitar outtake recorded to 2-track cassette, that was spruced up with the addition of vocals written by Doug, and performed by Colin, representing the trip to Missoula.

“Starry, Starry, Night” was another keyboard/guitar outtake recorded at the UV-373 drum salon, that Colin wrote words for and was remixed at Peabody Sound.

There are two live cuts: “Warminster” live at Jays Upstairs in Missoula, 1997 and “Superclean” recorded live on the Fourth of July in Baltimore, 1998.

But the bulk of this recording is the development of “UV-373 Dub mix file(s) .0001 & .002” which took on a multi-layer tracking process. Most of the outtakes handpicked for this process had been originally recorded onto a 1/4 inch TEAC reel-to-reel four-track. The band erased over reels that originally stored a “Melody Time” music program dating back to the 1960’s. You can hear bursts of this program break through on quiet times of the tape.

Also, radio hiss was added, and ambient traffic sounds from nearby Calvert Street were plugged into the mix, used sparsely, for gentle seques. Finally, a feedback/reverb loop floats in and out, adding consistency between dissimilar songs.

These two dub files are the definite highlight of this collection. The extensive liner notes that come with the CD are much more detailed and comprehensive.

This was a band with vision and spark, who often got derailed through the many personnel changes and extraneous band compromises over three tumultuous years. This CD picks up the glittering pieces;  the highlights come in and out of focus.

-K. L.
Photo : Cara Grill, 7/97 (Missoula)

"This band plays the rock from which all musical metaphor is hewn"
                    -P.T. Foller, Hotel Things Monthly, (your guide for musicians)

"...not being a huge fan of the harpsichord, we're all lucky that there are none present on any of these luscious tracks. Cudos, gentlemen, for finding that place between now and tommorrow"
                    -Vic Ream, Squareton Fanzine

"I saw these two skinny bald guys play space music in Montana one night, and then I lost an oyster..."
                    -Derric Strong, Independent News Quarterly

                    -Bud "Patchy" Clemons, whereabouts unknown

"I was gonna flag you guys down near Cheyenne, ....but did you guys know that a bird flew into the grill of your truck a few miles back?"
                    -Wendy Kutcher, Laramie, WY

"Thank you very much for this outstanding CD. I, too, am a big fan of Kyra Schon, and all girls dead, whether living or really dead...yes...yes...this CD will be played lots...yes...YES..."
                    -Rev. Wendell Magee Holmes, Bristol, TN