The Shrimptrawler"
original release date:
March 21, 1999
track listing: RealAudio ***
01. Jean Reno LaFoote's Public Execution
02. The Cap'n Hears Trumpets ***
03. We Sail The Sirens On***
04. Crawling Into The Water At Night***
05. Trumpets
06. I Had A Notion***
07. Palace Sea
08. Black Stripes and Blue Stars
09. On The Slip
10. Hiran and Pavel***
11. A Doll For Hannelle *
12. Feel Like Bobby Hill
13. So Real***
14. Grey Nurse Hammerhead
15. Rum Rummer
16. Silver Girl
17. Heartmouth

        * based on "The Captain's Doll"
           by D.H. Lawrence

PRESS  RELEASE by Kevin Lundahl 080301


The sound of a hammer driving nails into pressed particle board, on two by fours, filled with R19 insulation, under two four by eight foot plywood sheets. All that even before the drum rug could be stapled onto this 8x8 drum riser. (and even before it was placed on top of 4 eighteen inch bald motorcycle tires)

Bam … bammm …bam (this time on the front door)

“who is it?”

“what are you guys, building a boat? Keep it down, I’m trying to study.”

Those comments from the downstairs neighbor, (a.k.a. dickhead), inspired the next musical project. Aye, Matey! Why yes, weer’ building to go shrimping’ weer’ building THE SHRIMPTRAWLER.

Immediately a watch cap and nylon windbreaker were hastened from the closet. Outside, a light mist and gray fog rolled eerily into Charles Village on that fateful Sunday Afternoon in February, 1999. The boat was taking on water.

The Shrimptrawler refuses to hide from its identity as a diary at sea. One plan called for sea-sick pills to be installed into the spine of the jewel-box. Smarter minds prevailed on that call.

The idea was for reverb and feedback loops, techniques that were hewn in the construction of  “The Lex O’Brien Soundscape”, to dominate the background of this CD, creating an unsteady and warbly listen, as if someone is trying to get their sea legs on the starboard deck.

The Shrimptrawler (as in the boat, or the drum kit) had to be relocated to the UV-373 drum salon, so the noise wouldn’t bother dickhead. This was also a positive turn of events, because the trawler was massive, two complete drum sets taking up more room then was available at Peabody Sound. In addition, the drum performance was much heavier then anticipated, and extensive miking techniques would be implemented for the first time with the Tascam 564 Portastudio.

Drums were recorded in two evenings onto two-track stereo at the UV-373 drum salon. The rest of the CD was completed at Peabody Sound. The drum pieces were edited, and feedback and oscillation from a yamaha E1010 analog delay and an ibanez analog delay filled the background.

Tracks 3 and 4 were performed on a fender jaguar, using more delay for one track, and tuned down one octave to sound like an electric bass for the other track. All four of these tracks were then premixed down to stereo.

A vocal track and second guitar track were added, mixed, and land ho! That’s the shrimptrawler.  This pattern of editing proceeded on a song-by-song basis, in the sequence that appears on the CD.

The CD artwork is the most extensive of any CD in this discography. The Tri-fold color Xerox booklet unfolds to 8 ½ x 14; inside is another 8 ½ x 14 lyric sheet with several seafaring photographs. The entire CD took just over one-month to produce.

Aye. Then a month later, dickhead moved out.

-K. L.

"I rank 'The Shrimptrawler' up in my top three boat symphonies, far out-rigging the H.M.S Pinafore"
                    -Julia Livingstone, The Sacramento BeachNut

"Man, that bass is killer...but there's NO BASS?...what da fuck!...that opening riff from "We sail" had to come from piper at the gates "Astronomy"...sail on, brother"
                    -Jules Archer, Crane Amps Ltd.

"Dude, get the drummer off the nyquil already...I was ready to heave until that Bobby Hill song came on...that song makes me real happy"
                    -Kurt Middlebrooks, Italy, TX

"Great CD, shrimpy. What a pleasent way to spend a dreary and cold rainy if my dog would just come back home, everything would be great"
                    -Kelly Petrarchan, St. Mary's City, MD

"I'm not sure if all the off-off beat stuff was intentional, but when its not distracting, the mood continues, courtesy of some super-wet reverb tricks"
                   -Dan Petersen, Barracuda Square Productions

"I wish there were more songs that I could dance to other than that "hiran" song....where are those boats on the cover at?"
                   -Beverly Strawb, Greenville, SC

"Kinda hoped the Merge people would have put out more shit like this...hey man, if your looking for a drummer"
                   -Ryan Collinsworth, Durham, NC

"You gotta tell me where you got that Yamaha delay unit, and how much money you gave to that asshole who parted with it..."
                   -Leo Baker, Audio Color Audio (ACA)

"I'm really into 70's style weirdo know where I can find more boaty stuff like that? The more boaty, the better..."
                   -Teresa Gibbons, Asheville, NC