1. big beaver i'm all about that and five strings severed reaching for the mountaintop landing on a big beaver
2. the meeting cheap talk a free fall forever glad let the meeting begin alarmed but forgiving sometimes festive a brush with death a burning bush exchange
3. walking on coals hot coals burning smoke puffs and knees singed hair where forever meets where we greet calloused toes step gingerly soot remains the fire went out laughing stops the pain
4. clean trier clean trier the bulletin reads: angel fire she bleeds crystal heart she believes no one answers her sleeve
5. aztec dream blue skies aztec trim green clover eventual scream ice cold blue murder aztec dream dreams over eventual scream mountain hideout top scene
6. favorite cradling story when you're freezing the electric boogeyman rides thru the breaking waves the salad days with unleaded the sand answer favorite cradling story favorite joy
7. winking madam sunday round arch giver whistling head we trespass on the river monday crowd on the stage winking madam no longer afraid empty sardine solo colony
8. gold flake tequila gold flake tequila wishing place eastern avenue we are the rage we finish tequila we won the race evening shadows we are the rage
9. could you swallow up eternity could you rationalize it could you find me a tommorrow we could burn it could you offer me an olive branch could you spend it could you throw me a life jacket could you hack it could you change your mind tommorrow we could burn it
10. diagonal blue yesterdays drawing scribbled haphazard diagonal blue girl with the straight arm girl with a chain girl spinning free diagonal blue girl on straight thru this time yesterdays freedom scribbled and over yesterdays order over and over
11. the train on track for days we laugh we play we dredged up all the dirt resolved it and all then was forgotten we slave you slave arrested again slave again we talked up all the smoke drank coffee forgot all by 3am you departed the train
12. eyes of spite pulled out fall proof in spite clever connect dynamite eyes with black harness pen makes the room full again eyes like full punished child makes the core sweat and wild eyes discuss softly grain makes me choke up refrain eyes with sad early light makes today end with a fight
PAUL FLUM "The Sand Answer" EP - written, recorded, mixed, and produced December 19,2001 @ Peabody Sound copyright 2001 doug shanahan
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