A Lizard With Four or Five Fingers"
original release date:
September 1, 1998
track listing: RealAudio ***
01. Tears Reflected In Tail Lights
02. Four Or Five Fingers Reprise
03. What We Did With The Empty Peartrees***
04. Bass Studies Plan A
05. My Tail as a Tale Of Remorse***
06. Four or Five Fingers Dance Hit
07. The Elder Vista***
08. Bass Studies Plan B
09. Doctor Reefy's Paper Pills *
10. Four Or Five Fingers***
11. I Fall To Pieces
12. Tears Reflected In Skronk

*based on a character in the Sherwood Anderson novel "Winesburg, Ohio"
PRESS  RELEASE by Kevin Lundahl 073101

Everybody needs a reason. (Part Two)

Let’s bring you up to speed on the events that concluded 1997. New Orleans Bath was completed in November, and recorded to cassette and VHS Video format. Dougturns 32 was completed in December on CD, but the Fostex tape machine broke. In other news, the band “The Uniform” began in July, 1997, and in December of that year, recorded a demo at Social Services Studio with  Charley Jamison.

Trust me, you need all this background.

The Uniform sent the demo out in the early winter, without any results. In addition, the band wasn’t playing any shows in January and February 1998. So, our hero, decided it was a good time to get out of town for a while. A trip was booked to Las Vegas, then a drive to Hollywood, Cardiff, Tucson, and back to Vegas, wrapping up on Valentines Day.

This trip would not be represented by video, (The camera was returned) or in music, (the tape machine broke), but instead the idea of a photo essay seemed reasonable (See Bukowski’s “Shakespeare Never Did This.”) The essay is entitled
“Praise Jebus” and resides in a wooden frame, on a chair, at Peabody Sound.

The essay was completed by March. In April, Colin Seven quit “The Uniform.” By May, Randy Rampage joined The Uniform, and the band played live. By the end of June, the band needed to record. But on what? Remember, that tape machine was BROKEN. So they recorded live to DAT, and burned a CD-R of it, released in July.

Through all of this, the need for a new tape machine was apparent. Everybody needs a reason. The group took a field trip to Atomic Music in College Park, where the band was scoping out new guitars, new basses, new drum hardware – yet only ended up with a $75.00 cassette four track.

So in August, the machine was tested out solo, at Peabody Sound.

Whew! Finally, “A Lizard With Four Or Five Fingers” came about.

A WFL drum kit was standing by, as were an Ovation Bass, Casio Keyboard, Ross Petal, Rat Petal, Ibanez Delay petal, Kapa Continental, and two AKAI crystal mikes. “Laying Around The Studio” crap, would be a better term to use.

The first tune, “tears…” is a reprise of a song from New Orleans Bath. One long sound check evolved into “Four or Five Fingers”,  which is parlayed on the tape into three tracks.
“Bass Studies” recorded the bass string noise acoustically with the AKAI mikes (in stereo, with each mike in opposing windows, picking up traffic coming up Calvert Street), bounced onto direct bass sound.

There are two drum/guitar/bass songs, “My tail…” and “…empty peartrees”, which are similar to the material from the Alturns Thirty and DT32 sessions  from years prior. Lastly, “I fall to pieces” (not the cover) is a noise mess, testing the maximum compression of this tape machine, and “Doctor Reefy’s Paper Pills” retells the story of a central character in the brilliant Sherwood Anderson novel, “Winesburg, OH.”

This was a quick, impulsive recording, but not too far removed from the sound quality of AT30 and DT32. What took 2 to 3 years to create was reprised in about 10 days. The machine “checked out” fine, and plans were in the works to be used for recording the Uniform.

The Tascam Portastudio Four-Track would be used only one more time, for Flum Rampage, “Las Palmas Red.”

There would be better machines available for the Uniform in the future.

-K. L.

"This Alturns guy just keeps getting weirder...I couldn't get that Doc Reefy business, but the lyric sheet helped..."
                    -Steve Dyson, White Sulphur Springs, WV

"Is the 'Elder Vista' the same as the Box Elder Vista here in Tucson that you photographed in "Praise Jebus?"
                    -Adrian Farrell, Tucson, AZ

"I like "Tears" from "New Orleans Bath", but it sounds kinda fudged here...will you redo more of N. O. Bath?"
                    -Jill Corey, Christiana, DE

"This dude can put a mean spin on a feedback loop. Thanks for freaking out my dog...oh, and my wife HATES this shit..."
                    -Gene Rodham, Arnold, MD