Flum Rampage-The Man's Clever, The Man's Good
Paul Flum-
bass, drumkit on 9, percussion on 3,5,6,11; vocals, guitar
Randy Rampage-
drums, percussion, bass on 9, vocals on 5,11

featuring special guests:

Christian Sturgis - guitar on 2,5,6,9
Colin Seven - lead vocals on 2
Matt Richardson - lead vocals on 5
Iris Von Schmeckle - spoken words on 9
plus The "Able" Choir on 11:
John Chriest, Laura Chriest,
Charley Jamison, Mychele Sarchiapone, Randy Rampage,
Lara Des Poitras, Colin Seven, Iris Von Schmeckle
All words by Paul Flum except where noted

Dos Mara Cos

It Came In The Form Of A Holy Rowhouse

Sometimes We
Sometimes we all wish
We are Free
That we were somewhere else
Sometimes We
A Kiss on my cheek, babe
We Are Free
Stars fade on a shelf
We Are
Sometimes we all touch
Sometimes We
Where the beach meets the sea
We Are Free
I bid you a fond farewell
Sometimes we
I'll be back on my knees
We are
Didn't You Think You'd Miss Me?
So Why don't you kiss me!
In a room full of strangers
In a room full of strangers

Watch My Lips go down
Sometimes We
Find Your taste so sweet
We Are Free
A first drop of red
Sometimes we
We beckon and believe
We are
Didn't You Think You'd Miss Me?
So Why don't you kiss me!
Start With A French One
That Fits on a TightRope
We're out of our coffin
In our Love Resurrection
(…and it goes like this)

Manatee Misplaced By A Charlatan

A Treasure Chest For The Modern Man
Rests Submerged In The Countryside
Glowing Burned Red Sable Candles
Kissing The Willows detached as The Robin Flies
Borrowing Skits from The Charlatans
Proposing a Banquet; The Fruit Falls From The Sky

Tripping Out In The River Bed
She Unfurled The Flags Instead

Over and Out in the Riverbed
we packed up our things and fled
like the manatee
whose misplaced by the sea

A Treasure Chest For The Modern Man
She Traces A Stick Through The Yuma Sand
Coating The Sunburn From An Aloe Jar
Kissing The Fabric - A Dueling Scar
Borrowing Fits like a Charlatan
A Convenient way around the truth, we humble by

Epiphanies, Diseases, And Puzzle Pieces

Please excuse the mess, my thoughts lay strewn across the
bed as a pile of dog-eared papers dim with wit spilled from my
head a collection of diseases, epiphanies, and puzzle pieces

So if I journey to your shore
Walk up your beach your oceans roar
could I canvass out the landscape which we seek
to make up the lines we shouldn't speak

Opened up your books your lines flowed calmly up ahead
as a 1000 rushing rivers inked your pages around the bend
Your great spiral words unending, seperated by your pen in
conclusion, you cracked a smile, hid the book under your bed

So if I journey to your shore
In ways I've taken to explore
If you haven't got the gas to make it last
we could stare out at the sea until we laugh

Sugar On the Sabbath

Won't you give up my speed
Won't you play to my needs
Won't you drive me up the hard way
fall on down to my knees
That's when the maintenance comes in

If your rocket fits the sack
all you do is bring me back
if you chase me to the morning
all you do is make me horny
thats when our language sells sin

Won't you give up my sin
Won't you stop and then begin
Won't you find another button
Feel the rhythm make me scream
thats when the breathing burns out
phrases concocted
at the base of a statue
by leaders who don't
have the guts to stare at you

he said…and then she said
well…why do ya have to
fuck America in the ass all the time

and then he said…
and then he said…again

eye to eye
sea to sea
between ocean and ocean
it works for me

get it to work for you
get it to work for YOU!

Calling a state of emergency
when someone burned down
the Fourth Of July

Kiss My Proletarian Ass
(Flum-Rampage / The Uniform)

The Man's Clever, The Man's Good
(Flum-Rampage-The "Able" Choir)

The Man is Clever at arranging
Rendez-Vous points on the street
The Man is Good, there's no complaining
All Affairs are kept discreet
She thinks he's clever for a dope
She thinks he's good at holding hope
So He'll get her to the table
If she says that She is Able

Then she said that "I Am ABLE!"

Uno Mara Cos

{Jewel Case photos - Colin Seven}
The Body Rises
(Flum-Rampage / Public Image Ltd.)

When You run around
Without precautions
You'll get diseases
need abortions
up til now
no vaccination
could give you back
your reputation

I could be wrong I could be right

When you ball the world
with no protection
you'll regret that
stiff erection
Dicking around
In correctional Places
Your world now
those grimy faces

I could be wrong I could be right

may the road rise with you

Liquid Rock
(Flum-Rampage / Liquid Liquid)

Holidays, Monuments, and Previously Viewed Porn

To be numb
By the dumb
words inscribed
wrote by fools
who aren't bold
when alone
If your raging in the cage
And your climbing up on stage
If you grab on to the moment
And find you turned another page
That's when we gather ourselves

Gimme Sugar on the Sabbath
Gimme Sugar
That's when we let ourselves in
That's when we let ourselves in
That's when we let ourselves in

Dopplar Daybreak

As we slept upon
the persian bongjuiced rug
a guitar hungover
rhymed and drummed
when we skipped through fog
and fog returned the favor
a cool count as
morning becomes our savior
If we strung along connected
by our gazes
We'd see the beauty
baked in our patience

Keep going if visions
are contagious
A cool breeze gives
nothing else away
Since dreams are turning
several pages
rushed out to greet
we gave the wave
Been gone so long
we fell unconscious
Sleep soaked in
Aura's left unchanged
1. Dos Mara Cos  (1:44)
2. It Came In The Form Of A Holy Rowhouse (2:14)
3. Manatee Misplaced By a Charlatan (3:08)
4. Epiphanies, Diseases, & Puzzle Pieces (3:19)
5. Sugar On The Sabbath (2:27)
6. Dopplar Daybreak (2:52)
7. The Body Rises (2:21)
8. Liquid Rock (1:12)
9. Holidays, Monuments, & Previously Viewed Porn (1:35)
10. Kiss My Proletarian Ass (2:04)
11. The Man's Clever, The Man's Good (7:09)
12. Uno Mara Cos (2:36)