Las Palmas Red"
original release date:
May 1, 1999
track listing: RealAudio ***
01. Ten Second History Of God, Vol. 4***
02. Shit-Stoppin' Beautiful Porchlight Baby
03. This, Our Concentric Worth***
04. Las Palmas Red
05. White Lines / TV Eye  ****
06. Mercurichrome **
07. Ten Second History Of God, Vol. 5

  * covers, written by Grandmaster Flash
     and The Stooges

** contains excerts from the Cannon
     International Film, "Barfly"
Cool West Hollywood Pics
PRESS  RELEASE by Kevin Lundahl 080101

This is the debut release of 2/3 of The Uniform.

In September 1998, Christian Sturgis of The Uniform left town for a cross-country journey. The other two members, Flum and Rampage, were hopelessly bored. So they ventured down to the rehearsal space for some goof-off time.

Twenty minutes later, they were done. They recorded six drum and bass numbers, that would become the basic tracks for Flum Rampage “Las Palmas Red.”

Flum did all the overdubs at Peabody Sound. Those overdubs being one guitar and one voice. Using The Tascam cassette four-track, a rough demo was completed.

When Christian returned, the band re-wrote “Ten Second History of God, Vol. 1”, later releasing it as the first song on the “If It Takes The Form Of A Human, I’ll Kick It’s Ass” EP.(Morphius Records)

The Two versions here would be volumes 4 and 5 in the series. Volume 2 is on the “In Love With Electricity” EP (Morphius Records), and Volume 3 is on “Thirty Three Revoluitons” CD (Morphius Records).

If you listen to all five in order, you will get a great big headache.

Moving on, “Las Palmas Red” was further edited in the spring of 1999. By that time, two technological advancements had caught up to the Uniform. The first was that the tracks were transferred over from cassette to 4 track MiniDisk. The second was that the final cassette was replaced with a CD-R.

Some vocals were replaced, and a sample from “Barfly” (Cannon Films International) was added to “Mercurichrome.”

The title track, “Las Palmas Red”, features drums and basses moving in both directions. The power of editing.

The cover art was photographed by Kevin Konfuzion at Daugherty’s Irish Pub in Baltimore. On the back, are photos taken from West Hollywood, which were also used in the
Praise Jebus photessay.

After one listen, it is clear that you need a lyric sheet to navigate through the words. The vocalist is fudging everything, with the notable exceptions of “White Lines / TV Eye” and “Mercurichrome.” The latter refers to the liquid fix-it-all used in elementary school playground fights.

“This, our concentric worth” is your net worth, which equals the lint and coins you pull out of your pocket and place on your dresser before you go to sleep at night. “Shit-Stoppin beautiful …” was a third person view of a neighbors romance, terminated.

Flum Rampage only occasionally write, but most of the time, they save their efforts to use full-on with The Uniform. No plans on the way for a sequel.

This brand of Bukowski Rock clocks in under 14 minutes.

-K. L.
FLUM RAMPAGE "Las Palmas Red" Lyric Sheet

"Dude, this is the fuckin shit...hasn't come out of my CD player all week...niiiiiccce!!!"
                    -Bud "Patchy" Clemons, whereabouts unknown

"Best cover art that I've seen in quite some time...you two are definate gnarly ragamuffins...is The Uniform this cool?"
                    -Tracy Ellis, Kent, OH

"Pretty clever mixing sugar hill and the stooges together....next time, try liquid liquid and the MC5"
                    -Jarod Bunting, Oakland, PA

"That second song sounds kinda like a Tom Petty outtake...is that the same guy who sings for The Uniform?"
                    -Janet Stuermer, Cumberland, MD

"With a buzzing 0db compression clip, these songs truly never end, just momemtarily pause for water...I need ten more volumes of Ten second history of God"
                    -Beanie Tucker, Crack The Code, Intl.

"to ALL OF MY FRIENDS!!! i rented 'Barfly' shortly after I heard this...'you can't eat that corn, its still too green' ...Thanks, you guys are great!"
                    -Laura Gotcher, Hoboken, NJ

"just a tad too short...more movie clips....I wish more punk bands would try this. Any chance The Uniform will sample?"
                    -Sherrie Brennan, Doltan, IL