Early UNIFORM History
"Felt good to twist
felt good to turn
it felt so good
laying there
and where all

i felt u breathe
i felt u squirm
i fell apart
u were there
laying under me"
"I saw us on a bridge
Japanese Footbridge
turning softly
on your soul

i felt those needs
the needs to control things
grabbing firmly
on yr dress
and yr response
was clinging on to me"
The Original Lineup of the Uniform was Colin Seven (drums), Christian Sturgis (guitar), and Paul Flum (Bass and Vocals). The first live show was in July 1997 at a warehouse located at 921 E. Fort Ave in Baltimore, MD. "Mainstreet Physics", "Hostage Of Luck", "Heavenly Hopeful", "Destination: Stars and Stripes", and "Rowhouses of the Holy" were some of the songs performed at that show. Most of those songs were recorded at Mt Royal Recording studio by Charley Jamison in December of 1997;  some of them were remixed by Paul Flum in the summer of 2004; and finally, one of the songs is presented here.
-original T-shirt design (Colin Seven, 1997)