Doc Hoo's Creepy Covers"
original release date:
December 22, 2000
track listing: RealAudio ***
01. cdf ***
02. sun ->***
03. sun !
04. tempt
05. black
06. horses***
07. candy
08. minor
09. homborg
10. fdc
PRESS  RELEASE by Kevin Lundahl 080501

Finding cover songs in this discography is a rarity; one major reason is the general abstinence in our heroes reading sheet music. But the internet has provided sheet music tablature and chords at an alarming rate, many websites getting removed within the year for breaking copyright laws.

A collection of sheet music was then streamlined into a fine assortment of 8 tunes, ready for production. Maybe they weren’t the greatest songs in the world, but they had rather fun and interesting chord changes, and had similarities with other songs in the discography, making them the most enjoyable to perform.

By thanksgiving 2000, the hoopla surrounding Peaceship 2000 mui had subsided, and at Peabody Sound, it was time to head back to the drawing board.

When I first heard Doc Hoo’s Creepy Covers, my first reaction was, yeah, it sure as hell is creepy. My second reaction was: what came first, the title for the CD, or did the songs just turn out that way?

The answer is complex, and somewhat disturbing. My interview with our hero went on and on, and I was unsure of what was true, and when he was pulling my leg. I shall now recount his story.

It seems like our hero watched quite a bit of UHF programming in the early 70’s, and to make matters worse, had very poor TV reception to boot. It would be compared to watching a DVD, but then placing a “CreepyFilter"
TM, in front of your TV screen.

Which is why films like, “Planet Of The Apes”, “Logans Run”, “Salems Lot”, “The Stepford Wives”, “Silent Running”, “OmegaMan”, and “The Screaming Lady” kept coming up in my conversation with our hero.

The British Sci-Fi series “Doctor Who” is where the central character for DHCC comes from. A key character actor, and fan favorite, gets killed off in the seasons final episode. We next hear from this actor, as he turns up to audtion for “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Wait, this story gets much worse.

This actor, (lets call him M.D), decides to do a re-write on this Dr. Seuss Christmas classic, in which this star from the 70’s series “Doctor Who” miraculously shows up in Hooville. Apparently, Cindy Lou Hoo, the smallest hoo of them all, has a really bad case of strep throat. (Must have missed that part in the cartoon version) Cindy Lou has a very bad cough associated with the strep throat, and wouldn’t you know it? Her regular pediatrician is out of town….so in steps M.D., and he portrays her new doc, and pays her a house visit.

Still With Me?

O. K. So Cindy Lou complains that the coughing is so bad, that she can’t sleep through the night. M.D looks through his medical kit, tries everything, and nothing seems to work. Then he comes up with an idea: he pulls out his guitar, and starts to play classic rock songs from the 70’s, in lullabye fashion, and proceeds to sing to her, and she becomes drowsy, then falls asleep…

Yadda, yadda yadda. That’s enough for me. Now let me finish the rest of this review

Gordon Lightfoot, Blondie, Squeeze, and The Move dominate the first half of Doc Hoo’s Creepy Covers. The first two songs, “SunDown” and “Sunday Girl” are suppose to be Ying to the Yang numbers. Or something like that.

The last half are songs by The Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground, Game Theory, and Procul Harem. Of these, the best is the classic “Wild Horses” – which I’m sure would put anybody to sleep.

I think I liked the CD much more before I heard that Doc Hoo story. But, unfortunately, I’m not through just yet. I was told that I couldn’t print my review, unless I informed everyone that there is a “Magic Blue Horse” in the CD Cover art.

In my past experiences, I found that every time a Magic Blue Horse came up, it generally wasn’t newsworthy; and that it also meant it was time to tell the interviewee that I had to run to catch my deadline.

-K. L.

"Whoa, there are no seeds in this blend...chock full of hits...makes you wonder what they did with all of Keith Richards extra blood"
                    -Tommie Spence, Clinton, MD

"I fell asleep to it the other night...a good 45 seconds...that, with some burning sandalwood incense makes a cheap insommnia cure"
                    -Janine Berger, Moon, PA

"Doc Hoos Creepy Covers bridges a big gap between the velvet 60's and the 80's Game Theory...I wish this guy would have sung for Game Theory...great job!"
                    -Susan Stansfield, Neo-NuVo SoundByte

"A childrens book - but definately not for children...these songs are so slow, that I got the cockles....I'm not sure that squeeze cover was a squeeze cover."
                    -Brad Zimmerman, Green Velvet Jukebox, (fanzine)

"Like sweet lemonade on a South Carolina front porch in July, it  goes down smoo-ooth, ...theres a deliberate enunciation here that is mesmerising...flanging/spiralling....nice and wet!!!"
                    -Lara Coppinger, Jacksonville, FL

"Thats the most fucked up shit I ever heard...y'know what I'm sayin?"
                    -Towanda Jackson, Yvonne's Hair Pile