DJ FLUM! FLUM! FLUM! @ The Talking Head, 071702
By Kevin Lundahl
My first experience at The Talking Head (located at 917 Cathedral Street) was on Opening Night, July 11, 2002. Hats off to Roman Kuebler, and his band "The Oranges", for making the evening a smash success. There were reportedly 150 patrons that strolled through the turnstiles on that evening. Earlier that day, Paul Flum and Roman went to task in wiring up the PA system for the night's entertainment. Things again went off without a hitch...good karma was spreading like a Lake Havasu brush fire in well in fact, that the two discussed a Flum DJ night to be held less than a week later.

DJ FLUM! FLUM! FLUM! brought his act to the club on the following Wednesday, July 17, 2002. This is an account of events that transpired that evening. At the conclusion, you will see a track listing for that evenings program.

Bon Appetite.

8:30 PM. The Flumaccord arrives and parks illegally in front of the club. During load-in, a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad was ordered via cellphone from the Al Pacino cafe, located conveniently across the street..."Is there ROMAINE lettuce in that salad"...."yes, yes yes, sir, there is"....(there was only Iceberg lettuce in that salad).

9:00 PM  Unpacking was rather uneventful, except that a screwdriver drill bit was missing...neither turntable has any cueing device, so something needs to be wedged between the base and the platter to keep the record from spinning when sitting idle (you know, as a shim. Get it?)...on one turntable, a razor blade is used. On the other, Roman saves the day by finding a replacement drill bit. Oops! Forgot to pick up that salad...

9:30 PM  All systems ready. A kinda wilty, sitting-around-too-long Chicken Caesar with fraudulent lettuce, makes an appearance next to the DJ area, placed on a speaker cabinet in a dark corner. Covertly cueing discs and munching greens distinguishes the opening of the show. The first patron, Keeve Nachman, arrives. Time for some 'Zeppelin'.

10:00 PM Keeve uses the quiet dark corner to clear out his voicemail, whilst avoiding The Fraudulent Salad (TFS).  Colin Seven and the lovely Ms. Teri arrive amongst the din of "The Flaming Lips." The hash-rock party begins shortly.

10:30 PM The "stuff" music has a calming effect on the unspectacular and rather crunchless croutons. Lara Des Poitras makes an appearance, and points out that "The Thrones" are causing some sort of inner ear discomfort. Don't tell Joe Preston. More munching on the TFS.

11:00 PM Colin inspects the stage area and discovers sharp protruding metal overhead. Unfazed, Flum serves up the first of many songs by "The Fall." By this time, most of the chicken in the TFS is gone. Keeve remedies the overhead protruding metal problem - by being short.

11:30 PM Fellow Uniform alum Christian Sturgis is making his rounds, absorbing central AC, after a hot and sweaty day of moving countless milk crates of albums to a new, and temporary, secret location. Colin says he'll only stay long enough to hear Can's "Turtle's have short legs"...Flum cues up local Baltimore act "The Miss"...hmmm, where is Hank Baker?

12:00 PM Rob Girardi is the second person to ask me "whose version of 'Superman' is that?"  Well, the answer is, it's not Roky Erickson...It is "The Clique"...shortly thereafter, michael stipe "could live a 1,000,000 years"...Robin Krummel certainly appreciates three straight hits by Arthur Lee & Love. A selection donated by Ms. Linda Gielec (CAMBODIA ROCKS) hints at what would be a pending dance party.

12:30 PM The dance party commences after the shocking unearthing of Eric B & Rakim's "Paid In Full"...nobody notices the opening guitar line of The Fuses "Rats Go Crawling" cleverly overdubbed. After much cajoling,  Michael Jackson FINALLY gets the dance party started.

1:00 PM Malcome Mooney and Can wind the dance party down with a couple selections from "DELAY 68" ... after wrapping up the remainder of the TFS,  and being absolutely enamored with Can, Flum finds himself in the unusual situation of being on the dance floor. All is well, until Lara Des Poitras places the DJ into a feeble attempt of a headlock. One 'half-nelson' later, the Freed Flum is caught away from the turntables asking for requests.

1:30 PM More Arthur Lee, and an encore performance of Silver Apples "You and I", and this joint is done.

- KL

"Thanks to everybody who came. I hope that we can do it regularly here at Talking Head. Peace" - Paul Flum

Track Listing:
Led Zeppelin - Thats The Way
Royal Trux - Map Of The City
Royal Trux - Get Off / Strawberry Soda
Led Zeppelin - The Rover
Flaming Lips - Slow Nerve Damage
Silver Apples - You And I
Can - I'm So Green
Faust - Jennifer, Your Red Hairs Burning
Brain Ticket - Places Of Light
Brief Weeds - River Song
Kraftwerk - Ruck Zuck
The Thrones - Nuts & Berries
Cramps - Teenage Werewolf
The Fall - N.W.R.A
Chrome Cranks - Down For The Hit
Royal Trux - The Flag
Royal Trux - Platinum Tips
TRex - Jeepster
Stooges - No Fun
Guided By Voices - A Salty Salute
Wire - Outdoor Miner
Pavement - Box Elder
XTC - Making Plans For Nigel
Warum Joe - Sex Beat
The Miss - Reflex
Stooges - Wanna Be Your Dog
Link Wray - Climbing That High Wall
MC5 - Looking At You
Pretenders - Tattooed Love Boys
The Police - Next To You
Romeo Void - Never Say Never
Fancy - Wild Thing
David Bowie - Golden Years
Can - Turtles Have Short Legs
Candy Machine - Auto Republic
X - Beyond & Back
The Fall - How I wrote Elastic Man
Meat Puppets - Swimming Ground
Dinosaur Jr. - Little Furry Things
Naked Raygun - I Remember
Mission Of Burma - That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate
Wire - Marooned
Alex Chilton - A Girl Like You
The Clique - Superman
R.E.M - 1,000,000
Music Machine - Masculine Intuition
Love - My Little Red Book
Roks - Hey Joe
Love - Maybe The People  ... Clark & Hilldale
Elvis Costello - Beyond Belief
A2 - Cambodia Rocks!
Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full (Fuses Mix)
Rob Base - Get On The Dance Floor
Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
Prince - Kiss
A Flock Of Seagulls - Wishing
Gary Numan - Cars
Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express
Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Love
Elvis Costello - Pump it Up
The Fall - Slates, Slags etc
Can - Uphill
Can - Little Star Of Bethlehem

TRex - 20th Century Boy
Modern English - Life In The Gladhouse
Love - Orange Skies
The Feelies - When Company Comes
Can - Sing Swan Song
Royal Trux - Jukebox In Brazil
Love - Softly to Me
Big Star - I'm In Love With a Girl
Silver Apples - You and I
Silver Apples - John Barley
Patsy Cline - I Fall Too Pieces
Neil Young - Don't Cry No Tears
Todd Rundgrun - Hello, It's Me