PEACESHIP 2000 mui
Peaceship 2000 mui"
original release date:
June 20, 2000
track listing: RealAudio ***
01. Peaceship
02. Lanes Of Trees
03. Nickel Cent Store
04. Sweet Pain***
05. The Big Country
06. Friction Leads To Color***
07. Santa Maria***
08. Portable Stunt
09. Serpentine
10. Pewter Phoenix
11. Sawbucks***
12. Centabos
13. Nina
14. The Cautions
15. Mui***
16. Richmond***
17. Wall-Eyed Ploughboys (w/sawbucks)
Peaceship Invasion
PRESS  RELEASE by Kevin Lundahl 080401

January 2000, Baltimore. Shortly after the Y2K nightmare ends, 17 ½ inches of snow dumps on Charm City. People run to the supermarkets, stocking up on bacon, and so forth. Cabin fever sets in.

At Peabody Sound, they’ve already dug in for the winter. A Yamaha DD-1 drum pad kit (you know, the Kmart kind) is connected to the Yamaha E1010 delay unit. The Tascam 564 Portastudio is hooked up, and the sequel to the Shrimptrawler is underway.

Misfortune was on the horizon. Midway through tracking guitars, the Fender Super Reverb bites the dust. A blown 5U4 rectifier short-circuits the project. Winter resumes.

Not much else to do but watch Late Night Television. There is much lamenting that on the Conan O’Brien show, they stop doing the “In The Year 2000” sketch. That winter  came and went, and nothing weird happened.

By May, the aborted winter Shrimptrawler sequel was dusted off. The project resumed with the implementaion of a Fender Super Six replacing the broken Super Reverb.

Whereas the old vessel sailed out to sea, the new vessel headed for outer space.

Sometimes when I interview artists for pieces like this, they always insist on including some incredulous story, that I find rather pointless. So it goes – I was told to tell you all that Peaceship 2000 is a late arriving Y2K spacecraft that descends onto a Charles Village rooftop, and is lead by a villain named “Mui”. He then abducts the artist, returns the artist, and the artist comes up with these songs.

You see, I would have deferred on that inclusion.

Anyway, Peaceship 2000 Mui is the first CD to be completely produced, designed, and manufactured in its entirety at Peabody Sound. Without having to outsource, it created the minimal amount of compromise, was quickly developed, and remains as the most critically hailed piece in this discography. All seventeen tracks are required listening.

This is the first recording to use “meat cleaver” editing, for songs with no end that just abruptly stop, and move on to the next piece. “Friction leads to color” ends with the sound of someone washing dishes. “Richmond” concludes with a latin radio broadcast. “Walleyed Ploughboys” wraps with birds at dawn. “Peaceship” concludes with synthesized ‘Dream Weaver’ sounds. “Lanes of Trees” has keyboards eerily similar to that first ‘These Immortal Souls’ record. “Nickel Cent Store” includes a visit there, complete with doorbell and cash register sounds.

“Sweet Pain” is the obvious smash single, bringing to mind some of that latter Dinosaur ennui. “The Big Country” is the cover from The Talking Heads album, ‘More Songs About Buildings and Food.’ “Santa Maria”, “Centabos”, and “Nina” are all instrumentals built on harmonics, the latter digging on that ‘teenage wasteland’ synthesized sound. “Portable Stunt” is a guitar and voice narrative smuggled from McCartney.

“Serpentine” has complementary forward/backward vox. “Pewter Phoenix” is the only heroin skronk vehicle included. “Sawbucks” takes Willem Dafoes character in ‘Wild at Heart’ cross-examined against a Greg Hawkes-like keyboard part.“The Cautions” may be the most bizarre cut yet; a synthesiszed thunder storm, and  Dinosaur like ‘No bones’ vocal parts, interrupted with Rick Wakeman-ish keyboards.

Through 17 cuts, this CD reachs all over three decades of musical influences, moshing it all together in a brisk 45 minutes.

-K. L.

"That mui can make the guitar sound like a wild animal...peaceship rules...thank you mister mui!"
                    -Dave Leonard, PA Harp Inc.

"Quite obviously weened on the prog, puberty on the wave, and then fucked in the 80's like the rest of us...the rip off of  'Feel The Pain' is more Tommy James then Dinosaur"
                    -Justin Glover, Early Room (newsletter)

" 'Americans are meaner and dumber than they think they are' is more Kurt Vonnegut than it is Talking Heads... But we get the point... An agreeable listen"
                    -Joyce Stanton, Pawtucket, RI

"It's An absolute M-A-S-T-E-R-P-I-E-C-E!!! I love the falsetto in 'The Cautions' particularly. Haven't had this much fun since 'Living all over me'...where else can I get your stuff?"
                    -Ricky Schreiber, Port Royal, VA

"Outstanding production...I liked all the details included in the insert, ecspecially the technical info on the acetate...thanks for the little spaceships"
                    -Tina Wood, Savannah, GA

"Aside from the cheeseball drum pads, my only complaint with Peaceship 2000 mui is that it is blown out too hard in critical parts. May I suggest digital mastering next time?"
                    -Leonard Goens,  Strings Appreciated, issue no.10

"An ambitious leap...a bit thin in the vocals...a very wavy interpretation of where prog rock meets 80's alterna-style...the beauty is that you can't quite pinpoint it...I recommend"
                    -Joe Strauss, More Music Winks (fanzine)

"Extraordinary blend of 60's, 70's, and 80's influences in a tight package...many subtle nuances...simplified verse chorus structure with plenty of ear candy. I give it an A-"
                    -Jackie Reynolds, Lava Rock Channels, #6

"This is great stuff, mui...I played it for my husband and we both started toking up right guys in to doing any 'Queen' covers?
                    -Kimmie Borkman, Danville, VA

"What the P. Townshend 'scoop' stuff delivers, mixed in with a pillowfight between 'quadraphenia' vs. 'tommy'...this shitsa wackjob, no doubt"
                    -Todd Lorenz, Morehead, KY

"I don't get it...I wasn't's like 'so, tell me about Spain in the 70's"....well, I wasn't in Spain in the 70's...definately too much going on"
                    -Kris Stroud, Mabie, WV

"When I heard there was gonna be a sequel to 'The Shrimptrawler', I was a little skeptical. But this thing is the A-1 deal. It's like more quicker, and the songs are shorter...."
                    -Maggie Wentworth, Pocomoke City, MD

"I like it more than I like 'the shrimpboat' son really likes the shrimpboat, but he says that the peaceship is too gay or something...sorry if i offended anybody"
                    -Lois Gardener, Poolesville, AL

"Grasping at straws on 70's AM radio, lies the pink underbelly of 'Peaceship 2000 mui', cleverly disquised under SST hiss, progressive hysteria, and a benign neglect for altuism..."
                    -W. Reginald Baumgarten, The Sequestered Sound Comglomerate