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Release date:                 Episode Title                Running Time:


February 4, 2017     Pilot EPISODE I "The Smiley Introductions"       (59:20)


BERKELEY, CA (1970) - Frank stumbles up the basement police precinct steps onto Sproul Plaza, the same spot where Mario Savio coined free speech...he hates this New America.

 PORTLAND, OR (2016) - Texas Red has gone missing. 




February 11, 2017    EPISODE II "The Three Names Of Lenin"       (41:40)


LONDON, UK (early 1971) - Frank catches up with an old comrade from Patrice Lumumba...he makes a small wager.

WESTERN, USA (2016) - Carlos and Frank meet up again on the train tracks of the world...Mr. Green has seen "The Films."





February 18, 2017    EPISODE III "A Gentle Rocking Motion"       (43:27)


MILAN, ITALY (late 1971) - Frank enjoys the bachelor life...in Cologne, he finds an old friend from Berkeley.

EASTERN, USA (2016) - Arthur lists the pros and cons of NYC...Mr. Blue pushes the search for TR.





February 25, 2017    EPISODE IV "Gertrude"     (42:57)


LYON, FRANCE (early 1972) - Gertrude invites Frank on a world tour...it's a Michelin 2-star, of course.

VICENZA, ITALY (2016) - Texas Red greets an old friend with shocking news...over dinner, he extends an unusual invitation.





March 4, 2017    EPISODE V "Too Much Nietzsche"     (46:04)


KOWLOON, HONG KONG (late 1972) - Frank consults an old mentor on the chinese garden path...Ilich pays tribute to one of his heroes.

NORTH BERWICK, SCOTLAND (2016) - Texas Red searches for Tony and finds a former classmate...Carlos relaxes in an American safe house.





March 11, 2017   EPISODE VI "The Infinite Surf"      (41:46)


DENPASAR, BALI (1973) - Frank stumbles somewhere in Asia...he finds something odd on the beach.

BAYOCEAN, OREGON (2016) - Mr. Green finds something odd on the beach...Mr. Blue gets a phone call from the chief.




March 18, 2017   EPISODE VII "Pteripterix"     (45:25)


CHANGI, SINGAPORE (early 1974) - Before Frank checks into the Raffles Hotel, he wants to see the red-light district...he enters his recurring dream.

WESTERN, USA (2016) - Arthur and Texas Red plan the next gallery...Carlos shows up unannounced.




March 25, 2017   EPISODE VIII "Crack"     (42:31)


LONDON, UK (late 1974) - After a brief layover in Copenhagen, Frank lands in England and has his antiques appraised...Tony explains the philosophy of Athenapolis.

VICENZA, ITALY (2016) - Maria gives full disclosure to her daughter...Carlos and Mr. Green are on the move.




April 1, 2017   EPISODE IX "Next Time You're In New York"     (42:55)


SCARSDALE, NY (1975) - Frank returns to the US, parks his antiques in Westchester, plays marathon gin with Billy on the patio...an old flame visits the states.
HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, NY (2016) - Arthur consults an art dealer specializing in Texas Red...Carlos indulges with a safehouse girl.





April 8, 2017   EPISODE X "The Prodigal Son"     (43:55)


BERKELEY, CA (1976) - Frank is back at GTU then attends a seminar with TJJ Altizer...the Dean helps him find the post of his choice.
PORTLAND, OR (2016) - Texas Red and a colleague from the Portland Alien Museum discuss ETI contact...Mr. Green gets frustrated with his assignment.





April 15, 2017   EPISODE XI "The Job"     (46:06)


COLOGNE, GERMANY (1977) - Back in Europe, Frank finds a new love then confronts an old foe...Carlos explains the actions of his terror network.
BALTIMORE, MD (2016) - Carlos arranges a drop in historic Mt. Vernon...Frank reminisces about the tragic fate of Ulrike.





April 22, 2017   EPISODE XII "Jose Altagracia Ramirez Navas"     (44:20)


LA SPEZIA, ITALY (1978) - Frank returns to Milan searching for Carlos when the phone rings...then, an eventful drive on the Autostrata del Sole to La Spezia.
TROUTDALE, OR (2016) - Frank and Carlos meet again at a place of bad memories...later, they enjoy a drive through the country.





April 29, 2017   Finale EPISODE XIII "The New Babalon Working"     (1:18:23)


GHARYAN, LIBYA (1979) - Frank and Carlos on the Mountains of the Moon...they begin The New Babalon Working.
WESTERN, USA (2016) - Frank and Carlos at the Twin Towers...they begin The New Babalon Working.









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