GWH001 My first refueling was near Pamplin Park just south of Petersburg, VA(EX 63A). I was glad to see the "Cheap" gas price at the start of my voyage
GWH002 EX 63A near Pamplin Park ~11:00 010305
GWH003 A rest area near Lexington, NC. I become fatigued more in the early afternoon then at any other time. This pic was shot around 1:45 PM. This is 406 miles into the trip.
GWH004 Lavonia, GA is the first exit past the state line on I-85. I was preparing for a meal 30 miles down the road in Commerce, GA and then lodging west of Atlanta to avoid tommorrow mornings commute. The day concluded, appropriately enough in a town called Douglasville, GA (at GA ex 30)