GWH051 After 3 glorious days in Tucson, it was time to set out for the ominous weather forecasted in Southern California. This photo was taken Monday morning, 011005, 11:00AM sixty miles west of Phoenix, AZ on I-10. Note the shot is taken longingly pointing eastbound, figuring that this would be the last bit of sunshine I would see on the trip.
SURPRISE! California I-40 Ex 107 at a rest area, 1:30PM. These five photos are proof that mother nature can change her mind.
GWH057 Sunset in the Mojave Desert. Its the first sign of snow on the mountain peaks. I safely avoided the treacherous weather by going north of San Bernadino county, and south of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, choosing the California dustbowl known as rt 58. I concluded the day by merging onto rt 99 at Bakersfield, and taking it northbound past Fresno to the town of Madera, CA.