This adventure is a fictional point-and-click interactive adaptation of Lawrence Johns' epic poem, "Beyond Exile", (published: Conscious Publishing, 2034 SW Vermont Street, Portland, OR, 97219, ISBN 9781929096046, 2008 by Lawrence Johns, All Rights Reserved) To download, click the link and follow step by step installation. It should work on any Windows PC.
"A Poetry Adventure Game" - How Beyond Exile, The Book, and then The Game, came to exist.
"Beyond Exile is the second part of Lawrence Johns' epic poem on the cultural roots of American consciousness. Pulitzer-nominated Love And Hate told the story of the rise and fall of Haight Ashbury in the Sixties through the eyes of the Diggers. Beyond Exile carries the narrative though the psychology, politics and dark magic of the Seventies as Frank Glendover meets up with Carlos the Jackal spinning strange dreams in Exile. If Love And Hate was Johns' Iliad, Beyond Exile is his Odyssey and Oedipus Rex. Lawrence Johns has been called the Poet Laureate of the Counterculture, and Beyond Exile, with its ancient Welsh stylings of free verse, its sex and adventure, its philosophical and and theological inventions, provides brilliant new evidence of a Johns counter-history that revalues the intent and function of American poetry." - Conscious Publishing

Lawrence Johns is a philosopher and poet, the inventor of Field Language and founder of Athenapolis. He is the author of a wide array of singular literary works.
Sensazioni, his major revaluation of reading, is a history of consciousness written in a wordless version of FL featuring natural numbers.

Love and Hate, his epic poem on the rise and fall of Haight-Ashbury, was nominated for The National Book Award and The Pulitzer Prize.

Lawrence received his Ph.D. from The Graduate Theological Union.

He Lives in Portland, Oregon.
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Doug Shanahan began production of "Beyond Exile" in August 2008 and completed version 1.0 during December 2008. It is the second game created by Doug using QDK Pro 4.03. His first game is listed in the mystery genre of and is called "Something Bout A Hex" and was completed January 2007. It is based on a short story written in 2004 that is largely autobiographical.

He lives in Portland, Oregon and met Lawrence Johns through "
The Ground Zero Lounge" program.

A special version of "Beyond Exile 3.0 : The Directors Cut" will be published in 2009 and be available at

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"The rise and fall of Haight-Ashbury left in its wake a curious blend of counter-culture; The Weather Underground, The Diggers, Tim Leary and the dropped-out, as well as Cal-Berkeley's cheeseheads known as the Graduate Theolgical Union. So what happens to the fragments of the broken dreams of Kent State and Peoples Park? Well, its called

... the 1970s.

Nixon is in the White House, disco and porn dictate fashion, Patti Smith sings "Gloria" on Saturday Night Live...and the spawn of "The summer of love" have found their way out of San Francisco to discover the Will To Consciousness. What happens when these characters go BEYOND EXILE? What happens when they leave the United States for Europe, only to encounter Carlos The Jackal and the Baader-Meinhof Gang? Or a michelin two-star world tour which puts them at cock-fights in the Bali town of Ubud, and in Singapore to buy rare Turkish Blue porcelain? What happens in a Hong Kong zen arcade after meeting Master Yen and discussing the semi-conscious man? No, not Alestair Crowley and his evil henchman as well! Hubbard! Parsons!

Read all about it. The "Death Of God" as it appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in 1965. Hey, it is almost 2009 and another unpopular republican president is about to leave office, and another war is starting for another bad reason. The same scary brown people are still scaring us. Well, some of us. The same chains of faith based belief systems still haunt the prosperity of humankind. The more things change the more they stay the same."
-Doug Shanahan (orig. publ. 12/01/08)
Read all about it. And in the form of an epic brave as "Leaves Of Grass"..."

"Lawrence Johns is the Poet Laureate of the Counterculture"
-Michael William Doyle

"Does the name Emmett Grogan mean anything to you ?
If not, it soon will.
Lawrence Johns has opened a portal in the fabric of time and
invites us on a trip that some of us were born a little too late to see for ourselves.
If you ever wished that you could Turn On and Drop Out with The Merry Pranksters,
and The Diggers, here is a dose of paper you will want to pick up on.
Love and Hate is an epic in verse which gives the reader a glimpse of the revolution
in Haight-Ashbury during the late sixties. This is a beautiful story that tells how the hipsters
created a soft place for Americas runaways to land and learn to love while the rest of the world boiled with hate. "
- Rev. Morningstar
LAWRENCE JOHNS, "Love And Hate", "Beyond Exile"
I met Lawrence Johns in 2005 through the Ground Zero Lounge program which convenes at Dantes Inferno in Portland. In addition to sharing his political and theological background with the audience, I also discovered that he is a writer and poet. And he can play a mean blues mouth harp as well!


I acquired his first book, "Love and Hate" in the spring of 2005. I kept it with me in my knapsack, but knew that i wouldn't be able to give it my full attention and complete it in a timely manner. I didn't have a lot of free time to devote to reading.

The book is a short double-spaced 200 or so pages of one continuous poem. It is divided into 40 passages, (chapters?) each with its own title. Since the line breaks are the same without, it is not easily obvious if any line is meant to conclude a thought. There is virtually no punctuation, save for a few ! and ? for emphasis. The first title 'Looking For The Perfect Rock' was a real head-scratcher, vague references to an acid trip, Einstein, and R Crumbs amazons.

The second title
"Flick The On Switch" is when I was consciously drawn into the world of "Love And Hate" as i found myself slowing the reading down. The kind of lines that simply make you stop reading, close your eyes, and think of the visual presented. Here are the first six lines from that title:

"Feather's fearless heart comes from two things

Run to market right after her first period

The pink contraception wheel shattering windows

In West Virginian houses of American Straight

And her raccoon couplings with local boys

Transformed into science fiction by a magic sugar cube"

That stopped me right in my tracks. Instead of hurrying through this book, I decided to savor each analogy, each metaphor, each sub-reference to draw more of my own fantasy out of the words of Lawrence Johns. It is a book that each reader is going to have their own personal favorites; by each character, and by the depth each character in the story triggers the readers imagination.

Another one of my favorite titles is
'First Tuesday' and Erin is posing nude for an artist. Here is an excerpt:

"Erin makes First Tuesday just in time

Circling the Mime Troupe skit on Delmar

Striding briskly up familiar stairs

She rings the silver Navaho bells

Then nine luminous steps to the stool

Parker mixing walnut oil in a small jar

Trying to hide his excitement as she disrobes

Normally he's a motormouth

Hip to the slang every Black hustler needs

But on First Tuesdays he's an artist

Locked into silence by his love of the White Goddess

A mute stableboy with sable brushes and crazy notions

Holding invisible reins to impossible horses"

In the next passage, we get to understand what Erin is thinking about as she holds still, waiting for Parker to finish his painting. Throughout "Love And Hate" each character reveals their own motivations to arriving at Haight-Ashbury, and the writing shows a surreal nature to the entire event allowing you to make your own interpretations.

As i was progressing though the book, i was discovering that the lines ellicited a musical quality. One of the most popular musical groups I would compare to would be 'Steely Dan' and their surreal imagery on their latter works, particularly their 'Aja' and 'Gaucho' releases, which occurred when the duo had moved from their east coast roots to California. Lawrence Johns writes northern California rather well. This combination of ideas worked well for me, as I included parts of "Flick The On Switch" onto my 2006 CD titled "
Golden West Service"

"Love and Hate" is a fascinating book chronically a migration of starving artists, poets, intellectuals, hippies and their ilk to the wide-eyed canvass of mid-60s San Francisco seeking some sort of theological or spiritual enlightenment. Each soul has heard about the 'big party' and uses infinite motivations to get themselves there. But they ultimately find the truth, that just like any party, it somehow will end.


I just finished reading the second book "Beyond Exile" yesterday. This book is slightly longer than LNH, at 250 pages and over 50 titles. The book picks up where "Love and Hate" ends with each character leaving SF for the 1970s.

Unlike my reading of "Love and Hate", i quickly moved through this writing. Perhaps it was due to more familarity with the double-space line technique. This book focuses on a fewer cast of characters as well and takes a more narrative approach. It seems that their is attention paid to bringing in 1970s icons to cross paths with the characters, and that can only mean Nixon, Ali-Frazier, and Bjorn Borg come up in conversation! The book begins with the seperation of lovers Frank and Erin through a tragic turn. Actually Frank is the main player in this book, as opposed to "Love And Hate"

One of my favorite passages details Frank and Tony driving to '
Mustang Ranch'. As the two are driving, a long conversation rages, and actually diminishes the end of the drive when they arrive at the ranch. Here is an excerpt:

"There will always be a few Singularities

That go through the Wall says Tony

As they head east of Reno

In their contract Jaguar Sedan

But they're anomalies

Detached from historical process


Isolated from the reach of politics

And the pleasures of conversation

What counts is mass psychology

And the Singularities who stay

After almost fourteen billion years

The Will to Consciousness achieves self-regard

And becomes intensely afraid

Of everything it considers or contains"

Though we know that Tony and Frank wish to arrive at the ranch, they have stumbled onto this long theological rant, which at one point Tony interrupts:

"Speaking of the City of Light says Tony

I think we're getting close to the ranch

Wait! says Frank

Why can't The Three Wills

Be quantum states of a single Will?

Why do these meta-events have to be linear?"

As they arrive at the ranch, you get the idea that they stumbled onto something, and somehow it distracted them from their intention of being at the ranch in the first place. They would get hustled by woman, and leave broke. Maybe they should have kept on talking and driving!

Another favorite title is "
The Thief" and Frank finds himself in Singapore searching the markets for ancient treasure:

"Frank investigates the right market

Haphazard stalls of junk

Lit with upstrung naked bulbs

Absolutely nothing of interest

Until he spots a young man in pajamas

Sitting beside a wooden crate

Cleaning a small vase with a toothbrush

Frank slides into conversation

On the geometries of Ching porcelain

And the five shades of turkish blue"

the story goes on where Frank and The Thief arrange a late night scheme to barter, but by the end Frank makes a tragic realization:

"Only when Frank's back in his room

Admiring the porcelain on the bed

Does it finally compute

He's a fool

He's busted

In the City State

Where a parking ticket

Or a loud stereo

Gets you caned and three years in jail

What happens to an American Exile

With a roomful of forbidden graveyard goods

Who can't pay his hotel bill?"

"Beyond Exile" leaves the flowery ideology of "Love and Hate" in the rearview mirror as Frank and his friends find the 1970s to be living on the broken dreams of Haight-Ashbury. Its the lost dreams of soulmates who realized they had no soul. Its Jack Parsons, Carlos the Jackal, and Jimmy Carter. Its car rides and car chases, international espionage, a broken Ming vase, and the death of man's best friend.

And it is a rather wild ride.

Conscious Publishing
-Doug Shanahan (orig. Publ. 03/09/08)